Read along as I try to gourmand my way through lockdown.

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Day #25: ABOMINATION #2!

Drifting steadily towards the culinary pits… The video says it all, really. Quantities, as ever, completely up to your own judgement: about 75gr of bacon some leftover sauerkraut 1 red pepper a small tin of lentils a few centimeters of smoked sausage 1 tsp black mustard seed a dash of tabasco some chili flakes oneContinue reading “Day #25: ABOMINATION #2!”

Day #24: Bread!

Getting creative now that there’s no flour to be had… Sometimes I bake my own bread. It’s sort of a fun activity and I like having thick slices of fresh bread, what can I say. I don’t know why I enjoy the activity so much, because I actually use a cheat recipe. All the typicalContinue reading “Day #24: Bread!”

Day #23: carbonara

Right, I couldn’t be arsed updating the blog for a while. So I didn’t. But now I can and I’m back! For day #23, you’re getting a video. For 1, use: 1 egg about 75gr bacon some grated parmesan or grana padano (I’m sure this is blasphemy but I don’t really care at this point,Continue reading “Day #23: carbonara”

Day #22: ABOMINATION #1!

Not sure if ‘creative’ still applies, at this point it’s just getting weird… As mentioned, I’m really starting to run low on the ingredients here. I tend to buy ingredients more or less strategically, getting stuff that is versatile and that I can use for different dishes. That works for quite some time but havingContinue reading “Day #22: ABOMINATION #1!”

A new series: ABOMINATIONS

Because at this point, I really am running low on ingredients… This whole thing started because I thought it would be interesting to see how creative I would get if my access to ingredients was restricted. What I did not imagine for a minute was that maybe at some point I would start to feelContinue reading “A new series: ABOMINATIONS”

Day #18: carrot soup

Because having soup on Sundays is just awesome At some point I think I said something about getting carrots in my first haul because they don’t go off very fast and you can keep them forever. Right? Damn right, because it was on day #18 that I decided the carrots were at death’s door andContinue reading “Day #18: carrot soup”

Day #15: stuffed peppers

There’s just something about hollow vegetables that screams ‘stuff us’, isn’t there? Sorry, wording. That sounded filthy. But you know what I mean, I’m sure. Anyway, on day #15 I felt like having lentils and I thought stuffing some peppers with a mix of lentils, nuts and other veg would make a good dinner. (ItContinue reading “Day #15: stuffed peppers”

Day #14: random vegetables

Because even I don’t always feel like coming up with something worth writing about… Sometimes I just can’t really be bothered with cooking. Or mostly, sometimes I can’t come up with thinking of something creative. Day #14 was a day like that, so I just made some potato wedges in the oven, sautéed some moreContinue reading “Day #14: random vegetables”

Stocking up: the second haul

Giving in to the collective panic… As many people, I am in a whatsapp group that is devoted exclusively to discussing anything corona. Normally I wouldn’t be interested, but the people in the group are pretty funny, which means it’s mostly sharing memes and generally making light of the situation. I enjoy this because sometimesContinue reading “Stocking up: the second haul”


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